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Providing Technical Services

EPCOG is dedicated to providing planning and technical services for our region. Currently, EPCOG provides planning and technical services in partnership with the NM Department of Transportation (NMDOT) through a cooperative agreement. This agreement allows EPCOG to co-manager two Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPO): The Northeast RTPO (NERTPO) and the Southeast RTPO (SERTPO). This is done in coordination with two other regional economic development and planning districts: The North Central NM Economic Development District (NCNMEDD) and the Southeast NM Economic Development District (SNMEDD).  EPCOG provides data analysis and reporting like economic and community impacts of projects, such as the Economic Impact Report of Ports-to-Plains and analysis of census or other data. EPCOG also provides planning assistance such as creating comprehensive plans, an example being the Logan comprehensive plan.

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