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EPCOG Policies & Governing Documents


Amended Feb. 10, 2021

Open Meetings Act Resolution

Ute Water Joint Powers Agreement

For fully signed version, contact the EPCOG office.

EPCOG Personnel Policy

Amended Dec. 2021

EPCOG Financial Policy and Procedure Manual

Amended Dec. 2021
Includes: Technology, Procurement, and Continuity of Operations policies

EPCOG Cost Allocation Plan

Approved June 2022


Office of the State Auditor

EPCOG Plans & Studies

State Annual Work Plan

Fiscal Year 2022

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies


CEDS Community Interviews


CEDS Early Warning System


CEDS Pandemic Impact Analysis Brief


CEDS Workforce Impact Analysis


Source Water Protection Plan

June 2016

Stronger Economies Together Plan: Southeastern New Mexico

April 2018

Ports-to-Plains Economic Impact Study

June 2021

Paycheck Protection Program Initial Impact

August 2020

Census Effects of Undercount

August 2020

Regional Transportation Plans

The North/South East Plans may be accessed on the Transportation Planning Organization website.

EPCOG Community Plans

The following are plans of which EPCOG has on file for every community within the region. Should we not have plans for a participating community, their telephone number and website will be listed, where applicable.

Curry County

City of Clovis

City of Texico

Village of Grady

Telephone: (575) 357-2005

Village of Melrose

Telephone: (575) 253-4274


Quay County

City of Tucumcari

Village of Logan

Telephone: (575) 487-2239


Village of San Jon

Arch Hurley Conservancy District

Telephone: (575) 461-2351


Guadalupe County

City of Santa Rosa

Town of Vaughn

Telephone: (575) 584-2940

Harding County

Telephone: (575) 673-2927


Harding County Comprehensive Plan (2002) 

Village of Mosquero

Village of Roy

Union County

Telephone: (575) 374-8896

Union County Comprehensive Plan (2020)

Town of Clayton

Village of Des Moines

Telephone: (575) 278-2127

Village of Folsom

Telephone: (575) 278-3657

Village of Grenville

Telephone: (575) 278-2221

De Baca County

Telephone: (575) 355-2601

Village of Fort Sumner

Telephone: (575) 355-2401


Fort Sumner Irrigation District

Telephone: (575) 355-2630

Roosevelt County

Telephone: (575) 356-5307


City of Portales

Town of Elida

Telephone: (575) 274-6465

Village of Causey

Telephone: (575) 273-4249

Village of Dora

Telephone: (575) 477-2411

Village of Floyd

Telephone: (575) 478-2585

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