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Celia Kirkland

Program Director
Rural Opportunities Opioid Response Program

Celia Kirkland is currently the Program Director for the Rural Behavioral Health Program, where she assists with Healthcare Grants. She is currently assisting with the HRSA grant for rural communities opioid response.

A Montana native, Celia graduated from Montana State University with her Master’s in Health Sciences. During her time in college, she was the founder and president of the ESL program at the university. She also enjoyed volunteering with Eaglemount; an organization for kids with disabilities to enjoy outdoor activities, and Horses Healing Spirits; an organization that nurtures bonds between veterans and horses. She was a member of the club soccer team at Montana State University and an EMT and patroller for Big Sky Ski Patrol. She completed her master’s thesis on the disparity in healthcare for Hispanic populations in Montana.

Celia and her husband were relocated to Florida for her husband’s Air Force assignment. It was here she accepted the Lieutenant of Beach Safety position at Okaloosa County. Their organization was responsible for 10 miles of beach and the safety of thousands of tourists each year. She was the public outreach coordinator which is responsible for educating and informing visitors and locals about beach safety. She held the director position for the junior lifeguard and buddy programs that are responsible for educating youth on beach safety and letting them experience a lifeguard career. During her time at the beach, she helped train many lifeguards in water rescues and advanced lifesaving techniques. She has worked in EMS since 2018, either on the ambulance or at the beach, and finished her paramedic certification in December 2021.

Celia moved to Clovis in the summer of 2022, where her husband is stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. Celia resides with her husband, their three dogs, and typically a foster dog. When she isn’t working, Celia enjoys running ultramarathons and helping with local animal rescues. With a background in rodeo, she is very passionate about riding horses. She and her husband love traveling, skiing, and fishing with their dogs.  

Office: (575) 762-7714

Cell: (406) 861-5142


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