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Branden W. Goebel

Branden Goebel is currently the Grant Specialist for EPCOG, where he conducts research to identify potential grant opportunities and ensures that proposals are well-written, meet the requirements of funding agencies, and effectively communicate the organization’s objectives.

Before starting at EPCOG, Branden worked for Tricore at the Presbyterian Regional Medical Center as a Clinical Lab Assistant. His duties there included venipuncture and capillary puncture to collect blood specimens for medical testing. Branden interacted with patients professionally and compassionately, explaining the blood collection procedure and addressing any concerns or questions the patient may have.

Branden plans on going back to Eastern New Mexico University to finish his bachelor’s in forensic anthropology. He is also an alumnus of Clovis High School.

When he isn’t working, Branden enjoys spending time with his cats, reading his mountain of books, and watching horror movies. He loves to learn new things and wants to apply those to his lifestyle

Office: (575) 762-7714
Cell: (575) 825-9159

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